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Michael (Mike)Hanlon, B.P.E, B.Ed., Q.Med, Cerificate in Conflict Management, ADRIA/ADRIC Member, Workplace Bullying Institute Affiliate 

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Workplaces and businesses


Community Groups and Sports  Organizations



Schools and school groups



“Who can use an Appropriate Dispute Resolution Professional such as BACKSTOP offers?”

The simple answer is anyone.  Any person who finds themselves in a conflict and wants to find resolution or who wishes to avoid the escalation of conflict can use the services of an ADR professional.  Be it mediation, negotiation, conflict coaching or training Backstop has the ability to help.

Services offered

Workplace, corporate, family and community dispute resolutions and conflict resolution/communication training


School based conflict resolution and restorative justice training


Mediation and conflict coaching 


Training and policy development support for workplace conflict and bullying





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The Silent Epidemic

Newest presentation from Backstop and WBI.

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“Mike is that rare veteran mediator who continues to expand his repertoire through education. Rather than rest on his laurels and accomplished skills, he adds. I met Mike when he pursued advanced training in the phenomenon of Workplace Bullying. He quickly developed an expertise in tailoring the conflict resolution toolkit to cases in which abuse at work has occurred. The individuals involved in those cases require special treatment that Mike has learned to provide. For this reason, Mike is an extraordinary mediator who can resolve cases other "specialists" cannot. Credit his personal dedication to perfecting his craft and expanding the traditional toolkit to deal with complex issues that arise in contemporary workplaces.”

Gary Namie, PhD, Workplace Bullying University, Workplace Bullying Institute's training for professionals