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Building Peace

Using a Restoritive Justice Model in Schools

 Schools are often referred to as communities. For a community to flourish its wounds must be healed in a way that involves  and values all of its members .  Restorative justice allows students (offenders and victims), parents, teachers and school administrators to all contribute to meaningful resolution to conflicts.  Through various workshops and follow-up training schools learn how to implement a restorative justice model into its conduct policy.

  Using principles adopted from celtic and aboriginal traditions, this unique approach empowers schools to build stronger relationships and teach peacebuilding skills.




Michael (Mike)Hanlon, B.P.E, B.Ed., Cerificate in Conflict Management, AAMS Member, Workplace Bullying Institute Affiliate

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School Councils

Parents & Professionals in Partnership

A guide to working collaberatively through enhanced communication


School councils are established to enhance the llearning and educatioinal experience for their students.  However, even those working toward a common goal can become mired in conflict often stemming from ineffective communication.  This workshop provides participants with the tools to effectively and respectfully communicate through active listening skils and assertive, non-judgemental speech and to set and achieve goals for the betterment of the students they serve.

  • Communication workshops
  • Bully Prevention and Response Seminars
  • Effective conduct code and policy development
  • Empathy education for students, parent sand staffs
  • Mediation Services for disputes
  • Student conflict resolution workshops

Dealing with Bullies

From Individuals to Systems


With an extensive background and training in the realm of bullying and bully prevention, Mike can offer schools a wide range of presentations and workshops designed to address this ever present issue in society. With presentations designed for students, parents, staffs and school boards see how BACKSTOP can help deal with bullies in your schools.