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What can BACKSTOP do for you?


 For Business Clients

        An organization that realizes its human resources are its most valuable and often most fragile component is already well ahead of the game.  Workplace conflict is costly.  In fact the Conference Board of Canada  recently has reported a doubling of stress related absences from work resulting from workplace conflict. Additionally workplace conflict was estimated to cost 1.7 billion dollars to Canadian business in 2005 and workplace stress from conflict has been increasing at about 4% per year.  Can your business afford conflict? Remember employees are easier to support than they are to replace. BACKSTOP provides this support.



Divorce, separation, parent-teen, in-laws, parenting after separation, blended families and step parenting, care for aging parents, illness and estates, these and many more situations can cause conflict within families and extended families. The added stress when working through disputes with people who you have often very intense relationships with is where BACKSTOP can and will help.  Assistance with resolutions around:


         Wills and estate negotiations and set-ups

         Parenting and custody arrangements

         Elder care issues

         Personal directives and powers of attorneys

         Division of property

         Much more



Teachers, administrators, parents and students can all benefit from dispute resolution facilitation and training. In addition school councils and school boards are ideal candidates for the use of  an Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional.


For Families

For Schools

For Community Groups

Local councils, church groups, chambers of commerce, minor sports associations all rely on the continued collaboration of their members for successful operations and results.  The ability of an ADR professional to guide these often close knit groups through disputes can aid them in maintaining their collaborative nature and benefit their organizations. 

Michael (Mike)Hanlon, B.P.E, B.Ed., Cerificate in Conflict Management, AAMS Member, Workplace Bullying Institute Affiliate

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